Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sewing Spring Fever?

I have decided that seamstresses should not spend extended periods of time in school. As in, 16 years is waaaaay too much! I am so glad to be finishing college a year early (this July!), but I wish I could stop right now. All I want to do is sew, not write papers . . .

Where did this spring fever come from? Well, I haven't sewn much over the past few years--not as much as I would have liked. The summer of '09, I spent lots of time sewing, and it was wonderful! I was studying abroad for most of the summer of '10, though, and only had time in August. Then, back to school. I sewed a little over Fall and Thanksgiving breaks, but not much. Then I barely touched my sewing machine over Christmas break, because my time was dominated by the man I fell in love with (not that I would trade him for anything!). Spring break, likewise, was busy: on a mission trip to Paris.

Sigh. Right after spring break, I helped make dresses for the college's musical, and I have had the sewing urges ever since!!! When I have free time, I want to sew my wedding dress, or a dress for the junior/senior banquet next weekend, or a dress for graduation. I want to list items on Etsy and bid on custom items, but instead I am finishing economic take-home tests, reading Shakespeare's plays, and writing papers.

Maybe this sewing spring fever is magnified by my 2-month struggle with mono. It won't stay away! Just when I think I can finally finish that nagging homework assignment (I am really busy with the fiance, cooking, work, and other commitments), I get hit my abdomen pain (a swollen spleen) or extreme tiredness. I feel so apathetic and irresponsible sometimes, but I really cannot force by body to do anything. It's rather frustrating.

I am very ready for this semester to be over! I dread the homework assignments which are still looming over me, and I try not to think too hard about how much I have to accomplish in the next three weeks. But when it's over, I can sew to my heart's content :D I think I'll wait a week or so before starting a job. Oh yeah, another stressor: I need a job for the summer. Anyone know if fabric or bridal stores are interested in a qualified worker for June and July? ;)