Monday, January 28, 2013

January Design, Part Two

Goal #1 from my 13 in 2013 list: 
Design something new every week in January (for Spring), March (for Summer), June (for Fall), and September (for Winter). 

Design #2 (week of Jan 6-12)
(Confession: I actually designed and sketched this a few weeks ago.)

Frilly Blouse/Sweater with waist tie

 I love wearing shirts which emphasize the natural waistline for 3 reasons:

1. Convenience: with something tied or fitted to my waist and loose at my hips, it doesn't move much when I sit down or stand up. As a woman with a long torso, I usually have to adjust my shirt when I stand up, but not with a shirt like this!

2. Comfort: When I don't need to adjust the length of the shirt, it fits properly all over. If it's long enough to reach my hips, I don't have to make it stretch around my shoulders and bust. Yay!

3. Attractiveness: Every women's figure looks good with an emphasized waistline! While I dress (and create clothing) modestly, I do like to look good and flatter my figure. Who doesn't?

This top is moderately fitted at the natural waistline, and has a waist tie for further emphasis (and cuteness!).

The frills/lace/ruffles down the middle add a feminine touch, while the higher neckline establishes professionalism.

As a cotton blouse, the sleeves are 3/4-length, perhaps with small cuffs, and the ruffles are of cotton or lace.
As a knit sweater, the sleeves are wrist length, possibly with a rolled cuff, and ruffles are of the same material.

Monday, January 7, 2013

January Design, Part One

Goal #1 from my 13 in 2013 list: 
Design something new every week in January (for Spring), March (for Summer), June (for Fall), and September (for Winter). 

Design #1 (week of Jan 1-5)
(Confession: I actually designed and sketched this a few months ago.)

Vintage-Inspired Asymmetrical Jacket/Coat

Every time I think about this design, I sigh with contentment :D I absolutely love it!

Remember the asymmetrical seams and short, stand-up collars of the 80s? 
While sorting through my grandmother's huge pattern stash, I found one for a fitted dress with a one-sided lapel, similar to this. I like the idea of asymmetry in design, but with sophistication (I'm sorry, but NEVER would I use shoulder pads, and I don't like the boxy-looking dresses of the 80s).

In this jacket/coat, I combined the vintage asymmetrical seams and standing collar with a more femenine shape (princess seams and a fitted waist, instead of darts and boxy-ness) and large buttons for a more modern feel.

My plans are to make this in the shorter (hip) length as a spring/fall jacket, with fabric of fleece or twill. the longer (mid-thigh) length would be perfect in lined wool, denim, suede, or leather.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My 13 Goals for 2013

I love goals. I need goals. Without them, I start a project, then leave halfway through to begin another. When I have a goal or deadline, I work toward it, enjoying the pleasant feeling of accomplishment.

So, I have set 13 goals to accomplish in 2013! Some are personal, some are business-related. (Thanks, Regina, for the idea!)

Build myself as a Designer:

1. Design something new every week in January (for Spring), March (for Summer), June (for Fall), and September (for Winter). I want to produce those designs the following month, as a seasonal clothing collection.

2. Launch Collections:
     - Spring Collection in February or March (2-3 pieces).
     - Summer Collection in April or May.
     - Fall Collection in July or August.
     - Winter Collection in October or November.
     - Bridal & Prom Collection in September or October.

Expand my Etsy Shop:

3. Have a full page of listings (24) in the Bridal Accessories section (15 more). Preferably by February.

4. Have 20 listings in the Dresses section (7 more) Preferably by May.

5. Have a full page of listings (24) in the Dresses section (4 additional). Preferably by October.

6. Have 8 listings in the Wedding Gowns section (4 more). Preferably by February.

7. Have 50 coffee sleeves in inventory. Preferably by November.

8. Don't buy any cotton fabrics. Use fabric stash to create new items (non-clothing).

Live Well:

9. Read through the Bible in a year. I've done this before, and it's wonderful! My church is doing it together, so I'm doubly excited!

10. Low-Carb Diet. Intensive for 1-2 months, moderate for the rest of the year.
My husband is pre-diabetic, so we need to regulate his blood sugar naturally.
I want to get good at cooking and baking low-carb. Hopefully we'll both loose weight, too!

11. Try 2 new recipes every month. I enjoy this, but I don't do it often enough.

12. Read at least one book each month. This is how I de-stress. Very important!

13. Enjoy each month and document with photos. I love nature, changing seasons, holidays! I want to make a point of enjoying them, not just living through them.

What are your goals or ambitions for 2013? Please share!