Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Reversible Quilt

Two years ago, during the summer before college, I began sorting through my left-over quilt squares and fabric scraps. I decided to make a college bedspread for myself.

I drew out a design, with two sizes of quilt squares and pieces from 5 old t-shirts. Soon, the squares were laid out, labeled, and ready to sew.

However, I didn't want a plain, old, one-sided quilt--even if it was the most eclectic quilt I'd ever made. SO I decided to have fun with the back, as well.

I went to a fabric store (probably Jo-Ann Fabrics, which is my favorite) and looked around, searching for inspiration. And I found a Disney Princess panel!

I have a strange obsession with Princesses, perhaps because I've always wanted to be one. Anyway, I was not ashamed to have them on a quilt (I have princess things in my dorm room anyway: a pillowcase, blankets, picture frames, etc.). So I picked up several other Disney Princess fabrics, as well as some others that matched.

Hence, the other side of my quilt. Completely reversible: two quilts for the price of one! I only spent money on the princess side's fabrics--I even used quilt batting and binding I found at home!

I am just now finishing this quilt. I had a full-time job during that summer, so I didn't have much time to do it then. And I didn't have a whole lot of motivation since then (I don't enjoy ironing quilt seams, so I stopped when I had to iron). But, when I came back from my European travels this summer, I had lots of motivation to complete my unfinished projects.

As I write this, I only need to hand-sew the back side of the quilt binding and remove the basting stitches. The end is in sight! If all goes according to plan, I will finish the double-sided quilt today!

Actually, I HAVE to finish this quilt today. I have been using my older sister's quilt (she got married when I went to college, so she gave it to me). But now my youngest sister is going to college (tomorrow), and she wants to take it. The pressure is on!

P.S. The Princess panel is puffy! I stuffed it with pillow stuffing! :D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Shop is Back!

Well, friends, I am returned from my European travels, and my Etsy shop is back in business! Here's the link:

From May 19th through July 29th, I studied abroad in Europe. With 41 other students, from 8 other Christian colleges across the country, I traveled through 13 European countries in 10 weeks. Professors came with us, teaching four international business classes along the way. It was a most enjoyable experience!

But, it is nice to be back home. I did not enjoy living out of a suitcase with few outfits and no sewing machine! During the sixth and seventh weeks, when we were in residence in Holland, I almost went crazy with sewing urges.

Since I've come home, I have begun to sew a dress (modifications are in progress, though, because I do not like the style as much as I originally thought). Several more ideas are swirling in my head, but I would also like to have some orders from Etsy. We'll see . . .

I also evaluated all of the clothing in my closet, sorting out about half of it to send to Goodwill. If I won't ever wear it again, why do I keep it? I am altering some clothes that I haven't worn in a while. If the clothes fit better, I am more likely to wear them.

BUT, I also have the goal of not buying any new clothing this year. Yikes, that will be hard. I figure, I need to pay off college loans, and I don't really need more clothing. I bought a fair amount in preparation for my summer trip, as well as a few things in Europe. If anything, I plan to sew clothing (probably dresses), since it is much cheaper and more fun!

So, that's where I am now. A smaller, better-fitting closet and a desire for profitable sewing projects. If you hear of someone with a sewing need (before August 24th, at which time I will go back to college), please let me know . . .