Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 New Skirts!

     Two years ago, I began my Etsy business. My grandmother was getting sick and couldn't do my sewing anymore, so she gave me cabinets full of vintage fabric and patterns. It took most of the summer to figure out what to do with ANY of it. I came up with this pattern for a skirt that can fit nearly any size--thanks to elastic and a ribbon drawstring :D
     I made four skirts that summer (well, 8, since I made 2 of each) in various color patterns. Then I went back to college and was SUPER busy. Now, since I'm recently married and practically done with college (I need to test out of my final class), I actually have time to sew!!! My husband is wonderful--allowing me to try to grow my Etsy business into a part- or full-time job instead of getting a "real" job right away. I'm in sewing heaven.

     Anyway, here are 3 new skirts! There is even a fourth in the making, and I'm sure I will list several new ones this summer and fall.

Bright, Flowery Fabrics (click on link for Etsy listing)
Based off the white fabric (with colorful flowers), the other fabrics coordinate and add splashes of bright color! So fun!

Light Blue
I love how these fabrics coordinate!!! This is by far my favorite :D The striped and flowery fabrics must have been in the same set, because the motifs match perfectly! And the other solid blues are a great fit.

 (In the right picture, you can see that this one has crocheted lace, and all are reversible with muslin on the other side.)

Pastel Patchwork
This color scheme is obviously based on the patchwork fabric. The pastel colors remind me of spring :D

 The right picture is of the other side (they're reversible!).

Lace on the pastel skirt
(Special thanks to my good friend Niki for modeling!)


  1. Cute! The light blue one is my favorite too!

  2. Nice skirts. Keep up the good work.

  3. Oooo, I also love the light blue one!

  4. Oooo reversible, very cool! They are all lovely!

  5. these are awesome!!! I am totally inspired by them!

  6. The light blue one is gorgeous! Keep up the good work!

  7. Loving that blue one....I'll bet they go quickly!
    Nice job!!

  8. Very nice -- the blue one is definitely a favorite.

  9. I love these skirts. So fun! BTW, I noticed you're from Warsaw. I live in Plymouth.

  10. That's awesome, Kelly! It seems like there aren't too many sellers in Northern Indiana, so it's nice to find someone close!


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