Thursday, March 4, 2010

getting ready for a showcase

I am always nervous the day before and the day of a showcase. (For you non-Etsy-ians, at the top of each category page, there are featured items. We sellers pay to put our pictures in one of those spots for a day.) March 5 may be a big day for me, with many new followers of my Etsy shop and possible sales, or it may be just another ordinary day. We will see, eh? Less than 3 hours now...

Check out the dress I just listed, in anticipation of the showcase: Short and Full Party Dress

Here is the cutest picture of it, too. Niki is adorable.

I made this dress four years ago, in high school sewing class. But I had purchased the fabric many years before--I don't even remember where or when. In class, I had to come up with a project quickly, so I used fabric I already had to create this cute dress :)

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