Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mission: Birthday Present

 Exciting fact #1: Yesterday was my sister Rachel's birthday!!! The baby of our family is now 20 years old! Happy Birthday, Rachie!!!

Bath Abbey
Exciting fact #2: Rachel will be studying abroad (February thru May, 2012) in Bath, England!!! Yay!! Another world traveler in the family!

Niki & me at the Roman Baths
When I studied abroad (all over Europe), a friend took me on a day trip to Bath--and boy, is it beautiful! I'm so excited for my Rachel to spend time there!

Jane Austen Museum
Rachel has never flown out of the country, and I'd like to think that I'm an experienced traveler (wink), so I'm helping out as best as I can :D She will use my huge, sturdy, German-purchased suitcase, my electric transformer & adapters, and anything else I can think of.

Obviously, I want to give Rachel a birthday present that she can use in Bath! So I'm making her a messenger bag! It is sewn sturdily and has lots of padding--to stand up to airport conveyor belts & storage compartments, and everyday use :)

Here are some pictures of the work in progress . . .
 I bought nothing for this tote--everything came from my stash :)

The brown fabric was my grandma's, as was the dark blue pre-quilted.

The beautiful blue flower/butterfly fabric (did I mention that Rachel loves butterflies?) was left from an apron.

The polka dot ribbons were part of the favors from my older sister's wedding!

The finished bag!!!!!!

Check out the awesome pockets!

I inserted note cards into every pocket with special messages :D

I hope she likes it and is able to use it! Happy Birthday Rachel!!!


  1. Wow...your sister is in for a treat....I know and I know you exciting. Your bad is a work of art...and I am sure she will treasure it♥

  2. I love that bag!!! If you make more, I'd deff buy one, I love bags like that :-)

  3. She's gonna love it!! And there is no better feeling than making something with stash!!

  4. Cool! It's going to match my apron!

  5. Very nice! I'm sure she'll just love it. And how exciting to get to travel!

  6. That's great! I was thinking about making her a small bag for her passport, but this negates the need for that . . . and it's much cuter than mine would have been :-)

    Way to go, Faith!

  7. This is cute! You are very talented.


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