Monday, January 7, 2013

January Design, Part One

Goal #1 from my 13 in 2013 list: 
Design something new every week in January (for Spring), March (for Summer), June (for Fall), and September (for Winter). 

Design #1 (week of Jan 1-5)
(Confession: I actually designed and sketched this a few months ago.)

Vintage-Inspired Asymmetrical Jacket/Coat

Every time I think about this design, I sigh with contentment :D I absolutely love it!

Remember the asymmetrical seams and short, stand-up collars of the 80s? 
While sorting through my grandmother's huge pattern stash, I found one for a fitted dress with a one-sided lapel, similar to this. I like the idea of asymmetry in design, but with sophistication (I'm sorry, but NEVER would I use shoulder pads, and I don't like the boxy-looking dresses of the 80s).

In this jacket/coat, I combined the vintage asymmetrical seams and standing collar with a more femenine shape (princess seams and a fitted waist, instead of darts and boxy-ness) and large buttons for a more modern feel.

My plans are to make this in the shorter (hip) length as a spring/fall jacket, with fabric of fleece or twill. the longer (mid-thigh) length would be perfect in lined wool, denim, suede, or leather.


  1. love the design...and I can't wait to see the finished product. I got my little girl a beginner sewing machine for Christmas, and we're just itching to get started...but she lost the needle, and mine don't fit. lol

  2. Your sketch journal must be a treasure trove....

  3. Love your sketch! How fun to design design, I'll buy!

  4. Wonderful sketch! Wow! This is a wonderful gift that God has given you. Run with it! Followed you from my blog and from the CAST on Etsy!

  5. I admire people who can design clothes. You are so talented!

  6. Wow! You are very talented. I look forward to seeing the finished jackets.


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