Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Contemplating Photography on Etsy

I love photography!

About a year ago I bought a semi-professional camera (Nikon L100 with 15x optical zoom, but not with removable lenses, etc.) and have had fun with it!

I've been thinking about listing some photos on Etsy.

For digital copies (emailed to purchaser), I would probably charge $3 or $4.

I'd love to print them (say at Wal-green's) and frame them--a 4x6 would probably be $12.

Feedback? Are those reasonable prices? Around this blog post are samples of pictures I'd like to list :)

Which of these photos do you like? Would you like to have any of these in your home or in a calendar?


  1. Faith - the photographs are fabulous. How is the print quality at Walgreens? Is the paper good paper?
    The digital prices are good but a 4 X 6 at $12 is a little high.
    I can't choose a favorite because they are all beautiful.


  2. I think the paper is pretty good. And they would be in wood frames (with glass front) for $12. Thanks for your input! :D

  3. wow! you really have an eye girl! these are gorgeous! I think the prices are good but maybe make a price with no frame but just a photo mat, I would like to pick out my own frame. I would also suggest looking for a local photo printer, they tend to do a more quality job and the prices are not that much higher. I would offer 8x10 at least, maybe bigger too

  4. Hi Faith, they are gorgeous photos. Before you commit to selling them digitally make sure you are clear of your terms of use once each image is sold. Be aware that unless you state it's usage people may assume you are offering them copyright free therefore allowing them to use the images to print onto products for sale.
    I don't think your prices are too high, it really depends on who your target market is and what income level there are at.
    I agree offering them at a larger size is good with the option of no frame so the buyer can choose their own. Also you need to allow for extra packaging if you are selling them framed, how will you prevent the glass from being damaged in shipping?
    Definitely checkout a good local printers :) Hope that helps x

  5. Niki, thanks for the advice! I hadn't even thought about terms of usage, so I guess I need to create some!
    Per your recommendation, I just found a professional printer in my city! I will be much happier with them than with Walgreens, so thanks again!

  6. Fabulous photo's Faith, thanks for sharing....♥

  7. Your photos are amazing! I could see them in magazines, ads, you name it. Have you ever thought about going in that direction?

  8. I wouldn't mind going that direction ;) I'll look into it, thanks!

  9. I love the old vehicle with the pumpkins. What a great fall photo!


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