Thursday, September 22, 2011

Six more aprons . . . yes, six.

It looks like I've been pretty busy this week, with all these aprons! Though, each apron takes about an hour from cutting to final sewing, so it's not as impressive as it looks. lol.
Yellow swirls
These six aprons (and the first from a few days ago) were cut on Sunday and ironed/sewn throughout the week.
Ivory w/ turquoise, brown, and yellow flowers (this is my favorite!)
The ties are VERY long (80" from one tie end to the other, around the waist) and made of bias tape--so they are nice and strong!
Gingerbread men
These are are available on Etsy for $14. Click on the description under each picture for the link :)

Coffee cups
All the fabric was purchased at my favorite Amish fabric store near Goshen, IN :) Love love LOVE that store!!! So many cotton fabrics!
Coffee beans
I have 4 of each of these aprons in stock (except carrots, of which I have 2), and all aprons without black bias tape have matching child-size aprons available (not on Etsy yet, but will be $6).

Have an idea for an apron fabric? Want a custom apron for a Christmas gift? Leave a comment! I'll try to find anything you want!
Even more aprons coming soon!!!!!


  1. You're awesome, and I love your fabric choices:)

  2. I love your gingerbread apron and your prices are quite reasonable. Nice job!

  3. Oh I love the coffee one ( the steaming cups, not the beans LOL). I love all you fabric choices. Those are really nice aprons!

  4. SO adorable. I love the Gingerbread men one, perfect for Christmas!!!

  5. You can get so many different looks just by changing up the fabric. Love it!! Great job.

  6. Busy girl!! They are all so cute! love your fabric choices.

  7. Great aprons. I hope you sell lots of them!

  8. so cute! you should sell them all at the show

  9. I wish I knew someone who wears aprons. I am going to ask around. I love your fabrics.


  10. The problem is that if the apron is super cute- I don't want to wear it and get it dirty!!!! Still if you found a black, white or red fabric with Chinese takeout boxes or cute geisha girls, I'd definitely have to buy one.


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