Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So . . . Many . . . Aprons!

Ahhhhh! Aprons have taken over my living room!!!!

Well, not quite. But there are quite a few, especially for our little one-bedroom apartment to hold! As I write this, 27 aprons are cut and pressed, ready to sew!

I spent last weekend with my family at my childhood home in the countryside, 45 minutes from where I live now. My mother and I have a booth in a craft show just after Thanksgiving, so we needed to stock up on fabric! Everyone seamstress needs a reason to stock up on fabric!!!!

Listing here
We went to my favorite fabric store: Calico Point. It's run by sweet Amish ladies and has the best quality cotton fabrics and the cheapest lace/bias tape/elastic I've ever seen! This is a quilter's paradise, I think. I absolutely adore it!!!

And what are good quality cotton fabrics good for? Aprons, of course!

How much fabric did I buy? My husband would say, "Too much!" Ha ha. I think it ends up being 20 yards, but from 11 different fabrics! That makes 40 adult-size aprons and 28 child-size aprons! WOW!!! And each adult aprons needs 3 yards of bias tape for ties (each child apron needs 1.5), so you do the math on that! I was so glad to find bias tape for $.50/yard!

Fabrics still to be cut!
Years ago, when I was in junior high and my grandmother was still alive and going to craft shows every year, my simple aprons were a big hit! Though I love making skirts and dresses, I know aprons are good Christmas gifts, so I'm focusing on those for now. If I finish all of these with weeks to spare (as I intend to), I will make up other clothing items or doll clothes to the craft show, as well.

When we went to craft shows in the past, we used to sell the aprons for $7.50, I think, which barely covered the price of fabric and bias tape. My grandma would buy the materials for me AND let me have the money from the sales! So generous!

Now that I'm buying materials (which are more expensive, now) and making them, I need to set the price higher in order to pay for my labor plus fees from Etsy & PayPal (when sold online). So, on Esty, I think I'll sell an adult-size apron for $14 and a child-size apron for $6 (and maybe a matching set for $18). At craft shows, where I don't have 12% extra fees, and so people will buy them on the spot (that's the point of a craft show, after all), they will be $10 and $5.
Yellow child-size apron, along with cut aprons: carrots, coffee cups, coffee beans, gingerbread men,  & turquoise and brown flowers on ivory.
Check out the super long ties!

Needless to say, my husband is struggling with all of this. We haven't been together very long, and we haven't done a craft show in a long time anyway, so he hasn't seen results of buying so much. He was quite the trooper, though, and had a great attitude! I need to sell a few on Etsy before he is convinced, though, I think. Anyone want to buy an apron? Ha ha.

The pictured finished apron (black w/ autumn leaves) is listed here:


  1. so awesome! love that were able to stock up on all those fabrics and I hope you sell a ton at the show! I love the mention of your grandma too, what a special memory :-)

  2. This is Michelle (from BAM). I would love to see the turquoise and brown flowers one finished :)

  3. Faith - that apron looks pretty enough to be a dress!! :o)


  4. It would be a bit bare as a dress ;) But the fabric is lovely, yes :)
    Michelle, I'll work on that one next!

  5. Lovely work! Your fabric choices are great and the prices too!

  6. Many Blessings for your craft show xx

  7. It is so exciting to get good quality supplies for a reasonable price! What lovely fabrics...I bet that was great fun! Love your aprons!!

  8. You will win him over. He'll be begging you to buy fabric and sew....well, it hasn't happened that way here....but maybe for you. Hugs.
    Looks great!

  9. Beautiful work... and fabrics!

  10. Great aprons. Hope they are very successful for you!

  11. I'm excited to hear about your good deals! Great! Can't wait to see some of your finished creations:)

  12. Craft fairs are a lot of work! Love your fabric choices! Hope all goes well.

  13. Ohhhh, look at those fabrics. I'm drooling here. Is it the Hoosier Boutique you speak of? Wishing you many sales!

  14. Your aprons are so nice. You'll convince him, I'm convinced! :-)

  15. Yes, Kelly, I'm going to the Hoosier Artisan Boutique! You should visit!

    Thanks everyone!

  16. I hope you return from the craft show "sold Out" of aprons.........


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