Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Design, Part Four

Goal #1 from my 13 in 2013 list: 
Design something new every week in January (for Spring), March (for Summer), June (for Fall), and September (for Winter). 
Note: March designs will be for Summer and Fall, as I am working on my Fall Line this month.

Design #4 (week of Mar 17-23)

Embroidered V-neck Wedding Dress

In case you didn't hear, it's wedding season!!! I'm working on a collection of brides' & bridesmaids' dresses for a photo shoot next week*. This beauty is part of that collection!

This dress has modest coverage with a V-neck bodice. The shape (a little boxy with a center front seam) is vintage-inspired and oh so chic!

I wanted this skirt to be full, but not poofy. So, it is made with deep waist pleats and no petticoat. And, with a stiffer satin or silk fabric, it will hold its shape nicely without being too flowy. This is for the elegant bride!

Adding to the elegance is embroidery and sequins on the bodice. Can't you just see the stunning effect of silver on white or gold on ivory? Or maybe silver and gold together! I'm lovin' it!

Also, big plus: pockets! I love pockets!

*Listings will be available near the end of April, but can be custom-ordered before then.


  1. Ahem, are those pockets, or is that a peplum I see at the waist?! Pockets on a wedding dress would be the greatest trend ever.

    Very nice, Faith.

  2. I agree with Nelly. I love the embroidery and sequins.


  3. This one is so unique . I love unique fashion accessories and dresses. The bridal dresses are so attractive. I love the bridal dresses in white color . I also love the other like royal blue bridesmaid dresses


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