Wednesday, February 6, 2013

13 for 2013 January Update

Remember my 13 Goals for 2013? Here's an update on how I worked toward them in January :)
(Italics are the goals, bolds are my comments)

Build myself as a Designer:

1. Design something new every week in January (for Spring), March (for Summer), June (for Fall), and September (for Winter). I want to produce those designs the following month, as a seasonal clothing collection.

I posted 4 designs, though perhaps not all in January ;)

Design #1: Vintage-inspired jacket
Design #2: Frilly blouse
Design #3: 3/4-sleeve-length fitted shirt
Design #4: Loose, long shirt

2. Launch Collections:
     - Spring Collection in February or March (2-3 pieces).
     - Summer Collection in April or May.
     - Fall Collection in July or August.
     - Winter Collection in October or November.
     - Bridal & Prom Collection in September or October.

Some of the designs from January will become my Spring Collection! 

Do you, dear reader, have a preference on which ones make it in? I always appreciate opinions!

In addition, I plan to make this dress (right) in a fun, spring print!

Expand my Etsy Shop:

3. Have a full page of listings (24) in the Bridal Accessories section(15 more). Preferably by February.

I have about 20 Bridal Accessories made, and they will be in my Etsy shop soon :)

4. Have 20 listings in the Dresses section (7 more) Preferably by May.

Currently, I have 14 listings, though more will be added this week.

5. Have a full page of listings (24) in the Dresses section (4 additional). Preferably by October.

6. Have 8 listings in the Wedding Gowns section (4 more). Preferably by February.

This section has 6 at the moment. Soon it will have 7. I just need one more.

7. Have 50 coffee sleeves in inventory. Preferably by November.

8. Don't buy any cotton fabrics. Use fabric stash to create new items (non-clothing).

Accomplished, so far!

Live Well:

9. Read through the Bible in a year. I've done this before, and it's wonderful! My church is doing it together, so I'm doubly excited!

I'm just about on track, maybe a day behind, and catching up today :)

10. Low-Carb Diet. Intensive for 1-2 months, moderate for the rest of the year.
My husband is pre-diabetic, so we need to regulate his blood sugar naturally.
I want to get good at cooking and baking low-carb. Hopefully we'll both loose weight, too!

We're still going strong! My husband has lost about 5 pounds (and might have lost more if he hadn't cheated with donuts a few times!).

I enjoy eating low-carb food. Lots of protein, lots of dairy, lots of veggies, a little fruit. 

Our favorite meal is pork chops with a cream gravy, made with carrots, celery, onion, and mushrooms, and topped with cherry tomatoes. 
We eat it with a mash turnips & cauliflower, which is a lot like mashed potatoes.
And, for dessert: plain Greek yogurt, sweetener, berries, and whipped cream. Yum!

11. Try 2 new recipes every month. I enjoy this, but I don't do it often enough.

Almond Flour Biscuits are incredible! Fresh from the oven, like soft bread. The next day, like pancakes :)
I played with that recipe by adding cheese & pizza toppings, then dipping them in pizza sauce. Pizza biscuits!

I also made Low-Carb Tortillas. They are flexible, which is nice, but have so many eggs that they turn out more like omelets. Still, it gives us something to add to our taco salads :)

12. Read at least one book each month. This is how I de-stress. Very important!

Even though I was incredibly busy, I read one! "Dragons of the Watch" by Donita K. Paul.
This author is great! Her books are part fantasy, part adventure, free of trash, and have lovely Christian undertones :)
13. Enjoy each month and document with photos. I love nature, changing seasons, holidays! I want to make a point of enjoying them, not just living through them.

Ok, I didn't do this much. Partly because I accidentally left my camera at my mother's house a few weeks ago.


  1. Wow. Congratulations on all your hard work and accomplished goals! (Also, that dress is beautiful, looking forward to seeing it with the print!)

  2. Great job! Goals are so important to a business. You impress me with your determination and skill.

  3. Im exhausted just reading this.Great job Faith!

  4. You are doing so well, Faith. Soon it will be a way of life without even trying.

    I love the style of that white dress. I think it will look beautiful in spring prints.

  5. First, I congratulate you on putting your goals on paper and out there, and second, I congratulate you on how well you are doing with them. Wow! You are inspiring!

  6. I am proud of you. Keep up the good work

  7. You are doing great with your goals. I also have reading as one of my goals for 2013.


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